Transform logistics management into a competitive advantage – without disrupting your business. Logico helps you gain control of your network by designing, deploying, and managing the assets and technologies required to deliver an integrated logistics network solution. You’ll improve your operating efficiency, enhance your profitability, and exceed your customers’ expectations. Let us show you the way.

Integrated Logistics Services

Logico’s solution portfolio includes extensive capabilities within all areas of logistics management

Aligns logistics with your strategic business objectives
  • Network analysis and redesign
  • Transportation optimization
  • Comprehensive routing plans (frequency, mode, consolidation strategy, window times, dock leveling, returnable container integration)
  • Continuous improvement initiatives and regular network reviews
Comprehensive load control for all shipments (inbound, outbound, third-party)
  • Shipment optimization / consolidation
  • Carrier selection and rating
  • Electronic Load Tendering
  • Online shipment visibility
 Leveraged, all modes network
  • Selection/qualification process
  • Performance and regulatory compliance monitoring
  • Bidding, negotiating and contracting
  • Standardization of rate structures, accessorials, etc.
  • Claims administration and management
Automate and centralize key logistics processes
  • 24/7 coverage, On-site or centralized
  • Flow Though center management (consolidation / deconsolidation)
  • Online shipment requests / shipment creation
  • Exception management (authorizations)
  • Online document imaging and management
Strict controls and world-class data management
  • Reconciliation of every freight invoice to a pre-existing, planned transaction
  • Audit & Payment (invoice-quality proprietary rating engine)
  • Best-in-class accruals
  • Cost allocation down to shipment, item, program, cost-center
Eye-in-the-sky visibility into network performance
  • Centralized, online repository of all planning, operations and financial information
  • Self-service access
  • Customized to your needs (nothing canned)
  • KPI identification and tracking
  • Trend Analysis, Exception alerts, Plan vs. Actual comparisons

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Download our Solutions Portfolio (PDF) document here.